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Android Master Key Malware Surfaces in China

The first known malware to exploit the Android master key vulnerability described by BlueBox Security has been found in an application market based in China, a McAfee researcher reported this week. Mobile malware researcher Daisuke Nakajima said the app used the vulnerability to hide the malicious classes.dex from Android’s package signature verification. “This vulnerability allows an attacker to inject malicious … Read more

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I Spy With My Little Eye…A Scam!

If someone offered you the opportunity to secretly read your friends’ instant messages without being detected, would you want to do that? You could spy on your significant other, or your friends and coworkers—and no one would be the wiser. All you have to do is go to a discreet website and provide your cell phone number so you can … Read more

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Mobile Malware Follows the Money

Mobile malware mushroomed more than six-fold in the year ending in March, and the people behind it are increasingly behaving like calculating business professionals, a study from Juniper Networks says. “Similar to legitimate developers focused on the rise of mobile, cyber criminals are looking to maximize their return on investment with their attacks,” said the company’s Third Annual Mobile Threats … Read more

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There’s BadNews, and There’s Really Bad News

By now you’ve probably heard about BadNews, a malware family that is targeting Android phones. In a blog post of April 19, the security firm Lookout reported that it had discovered BadNews in 32 apps across 4 different developer accounts in Google Play. Lookout reported its findings to Google, and the apps (and developers) have subsequently been removed from the … Read more

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NQ Mobile: 95 Percent Of All Mobile Malware Afflicts Android OS

Mobile malware threats increased 163% to more than 65,000 in 2012, according to a new report by NQ Mobile. This huge year-to-year spike in threats are mostly impacting a single operating system, with nearly 95 percent of all mobile malware discovered in 2012 targeting the Android OS, according to NQ Mobile, its 2012 Security Report is based on insights from … Read more

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Malware Threats And Inconsistent BYOD Policy Driving Mobile Security Market Growth

The mobile security services market has no where to go but up, according to a new industry forecast. The confluence of a 261% uptick in the number of mobile threats, coupled with increasingly complex malware designed to exploit a wider range of mobile devices and inconsistent BYOD policies, is signaling significant growth in the mobile security services market. To this end, … Read more

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FBI and IC3 Warn of FinFisher and Loozfon Malware Targeting Android Devices

Android’s open architecture has made the operating system an increasingly attractive target for malware designers seeking to exploit mobile devices and pilfer sensitive information. Accordingly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) issued new warnings for Android users regarding the recent uptick in complaints related to campaigns utilizing variants of the Loozfon and FinFisher malware. … Read more

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As RIM loses money and market share, we lose ground
in the effort to secure mobile devices

Kaspersky Lab’s Ryan Naraine had the most eloquent commentary on the news that Research in Motion (RIM) was posting first quarter losses (RIM stock was down more than 7% in trading by late afternoon Wednesday and has been down about 80% in the last 12 months). He simply Tweeted “Damn” with a link to a news article. I think that … Read more

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Mobile device adoption is highest-risk computing initiative;
Symantec upgrades mobile security on heels of survey

Mobile device security is hot. In Symantec’s new survey of 6725 organization in 43 countries identified it as the top computing initiative risk (41%) — a greater area of concern than public cloud computing (35%). Symantec has followed up the survey with announcement of several enhancements to its mobile device management and security capabilities, which I’ll outline a bit later … Read more

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