The Hacker Group Anonymous as Do-Gooder?

We are usually writing about the hacker group Anonymous in terms of the harmful attacks its members launch against business and government websites. But now the BBC is reporting that Anonymous is claiming credit for knocking a terrorist recruiting website offline. Anonymous Continue Reading →

DDoS Attacks Hit the World Cup. The Current Score: Anonymous 1, FIFA 0

The world’s most watched sporting event, the World Cup, is now underway in Brazil. Despite an expected audience of billions over the next few weeks, not everyone is a fan. Protesters of every ilk are using the prominence of this event to Continue Reading →

Guilty Pleas for 13 People Involved in a PayPal DDoS Attack, and a (Strange) Call for Leniency from the Founder of PayPal’s Parent Company

On December 6, thirteen defendants pleaded guilty in U.S. federal court to charges related to their involvement in the cyber-attack of PayPal’s website as part of the group Anonymous. In pleading guilty, the defendants admitted to carrying out a Distributed Denial of Continue Reading →

European Parliament committee rejection
may spell the end for ACTA

The controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) may be DOA when the full European Parliament votes on it on July 3, after the Parliament’s International trade committee, INTA, rejected the agreement 19-12 Thursday. ACTA is designed to combat international trade in pirated intellectual Continue Reading →

Indian DDoS attacks come against backdrop
of serious Internet freedom issues

The wave of DDoS attacks hitting various Indian government websites, as well as those of ISPs, the country’s Supreme Court and a couple of political parties hasn’t gotten all that much play outside that nation, but the themes strike some familiar chords, Continue Reading →

Hacktivists have become big-time data thieves, widely use
DDoS diversionary tactics, Verizon breach report shows

The sudden emergence of hacktivists as data thieves on a massive scale, revealed in this year’s Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, is game-changing news. In 2011, hacktivists were responsible for 100 million of the 174 million records stolen in cases investigated by Continue Reading →

Wither Anonymous after the latest arrests?

It’s impossible to predict where loosely organized, pseudo-movement hacktivism goes from here, following the arrests of five people associated with LulzSec and Anonymous and a sixth person charged in the hack of intelligence services company Stratfor. These actions follow the arrests of Continue Reading →

More than half of U.S. DDoS victims blame
unscrupulous competitors, Corero survey reveals

Anonymous is not the biggest threat to launch a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS ) attack against your organization. Ideologically and politically inspired (aka hacktivist) DDoS attacks have gained wide notoriety, with some justification. The victim sites are highly prominent, very public companies, government Continue Reading →