Linda Musthaler

Linda MusthalerLinda Musthaler is a principal analyst with Essential Solutions Corp. She is a 30-year veteran of the IT industry. Linda has been a regular contributor to Network World magazine for nearly two decades, writing a regular opinion column as well as in-depth feature stories. She currently writes the weekly electronic newsletter Network World IT Best Practices, which has more than 30,000 subscribers worldwide. Over the years, Linda has written for numerous business and IT industry journals. Through Network World she has published buyer’s guides which analyze the markets for various business technologies and assist buyers in identifying the issues and trends that affect their purchase decisions. Linda has worked many different aspects of the computing industry. She started as a computer programmer and has held positions in end user support, systems administration, network implementation, software sales, product evaluations, business requirements analysis, and product and event marketing.
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Brian Musthaler

Brian Musthaler is a principal consultant with Essential Solutions Corp. He directs the firm’s evaluations and analysis of enterprise applications, with a particular focus on security and compliance tools. Brian has wide-ranging strategic and tactical expertise in internal controls assessment; business process design, implementation and improvement; and aligning IT strategic plans with corporate goals and objectives. Brian shares his insights as a contributing writer for the Network World IT Best Practices newsletter which is distributed to more than 30,000 subscribers worldwide.
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Stephen Gates

Steve is a key security evangelist for Corero Network Security, having delivered hundreds of presentations and attack/defense demonstrations across the Globe. Steve has more than 25 years of computer networking and security experience with an extensive background in the deployment and implementation of next-generation security technologies. Steve is a recognized Subject Matter Expert on DDoS attack tools and methodologies including defense technologies and approaches. You can usually find Steve speaking to network and security professionals within highly regarded organizations such as; InfraGard, ISSA, ISACA, Tech-Security Conferences, Interop, SecureWorld, RSA, SANs, IANS, GTRA and numerous other venues.
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    Scott Barvick

Scott is the Director of Next Generation Programs at Corero Network Security. Scott has been building networking-based products for 25 years, most of the time leading Engineering teams through new product introductions to customers and the overall technical community through standards and forum participation. When he is not writing specs or code for Corero’s new products, he will be contributing to the Security Bistro on technical subjects ranging from attack mitigation strategies to standards to security visualization.

Nirav Shah

Nirav Shah 80 by 80Nirav oversees strategy and roadmap development for the Corero Network Security products and solutions.  He is a 20-year veteran in the networking industry with a unique blend of product management, business development and engineering experience.  In the past, Nirav has held product management, engineering leadership, and technical roles in large networking and software companies as well as venture-backed startups.  Nirav is a co-holder of a US patent in configuration and management of RFID systems (patent no. 7,567,179).
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Anthony M. Freed

Anthony M. Freed is an information security journalist and editor who has authored numerous feature articles, interviews and investigative reports which have been sourced and cited by dozens of major media outlets, including The New York Times, Reuters, The Register, Financial Times of London, MSNBC, Fox News, PC/IT/Computer/Tech World, eWeek, SC Magazine, CSO Magazine, Federal News Radio, The Herald-Tribune, Naked Security, and many more. Anthony was the Managing Editor of Infosec Island, an online community designed for IT and network professionals who manage security, risk and compliance issues.

Anton Ferreira

Anton Ferreira is a copy editor and writer who has covered wars, economies, crime and politics around the world. He worked for Reuters for nearly 25 years in Hong Kong, the Middle East, South Africa, Latin America and the US, including long-term assignments in Washington, D.C. and New York City. He now focuses on cyber-security issues.

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