Security Bistro is where we come together for good talk, information on the latest ingenious threats and, one hopes, the latest clever ways to counter them. We’ll vent a bit, when appropriate, with informed opinions that will invite informed response. It’s a Petri dish for ideas: analysis of the intent and the meaning behind a wave of malicious activity. The role of policies, processes, tools and people in our security programs. Is the war on cyber-crime winnable or a never-ending battle for Truth, Justice and the Secure Flow of Internet Commerce?

Security Bistro is not one-sided. It’s more than some journalists and analysts in need of a way of expressing themselves. A bistro is a place where people gather for sustenance and camaraderie, where ideas are presented, discussed, germinate a bit and take hold. We invite you to comment. We insist. We bring some smarts and some experience about information security to the table. We know you can bring a lot more.

Grab a cup of French roast and a chocolate croissant (one blogger’s weakness), pull up a seat, listen to what we have to say and tell us what you think. Share and enjoy.

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