D’oh! Get Your Hammer and Your Payment Card Hacked at “the Homer Depot”

By now the news of the massive payment card data breach at the Home Depot is well known. The company has acknowledged the theft of an estimated 56 million debit and credit card numbers, making it the largest retail breach on record. Continue Reading →

Corero is growing – do you have the skills to be a part of the team?

Conversations recently overhead in the busy hallways of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) include the number of in-flight projects being pursued by a single entrepreneur(60+!), a business plan for a(nother) new startup mining Facebook images, and the next international gig to be Continue Reading →

Here’s a Good Resource for Learning About Encryption Schemes Before You Put Data in the Cloud

If your organization is planning to have data and applications in the cloud, then you are probably planning to use encryption to secure the data. Encryption is a technology that transforms your data into an alternate format that only authorized parties with Continue Reading →

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NATO Nations work to level the playing field in response to cyber attacks

It has been interesting to see news recently of a NATO agreement that indicated that member states would now come to each other’s aid in the event of digital attacks as well as in the case of military attacks.  This newly signed Continue Reading →

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Promoting Voyeurism in the Name of Marketing and Advertising

About the same time the story about the celebrity photo hacking incident broke, I read another disturbing article that does not bode well for personal privacy. San Francisco tech blogger Wendy Lee wrote about advertisers trolling through personal photos that people are Continue Reading →

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Victim Company Refuses to Pay DDoS Extortion Fee and Is Permanently Forced Out of Business

If your company relies on your website to conduct any amount of business, it’s time to take notice of what has been happening lately with regards to DDoS attacks. In the past few weeks, numerous companies have experienced DDoS attacks in which Continue Reading →

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When Trends Collide: Data Collectors Are Gathering Information from Smartphones Used for BYOD

I had an interesting conversation the other day with Rob Shavell, the co-founder and CEO of the online privacy company Abine. We talked about two big trends in mobile computing and what happens as a consequence of their intersection. This collision of Continue Reading →

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Passwords Are Like Underwear—They Aren’t Meant to Be Shared

In the world of IT security, perhaps nothing is so maligned as the humble computer password. End users hate jumping through hoops to create and remember complex passwords that contain letters, numbers and special characters. IT security professionals complain that end users Continue Reading →

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First Line of Defense Against DDoS Attacks in a Hosting Environment

Hosting Providers and Datacenters must overcome the challenges associated with a wide range of hosting requirements; maintaining highly available applications, mission critical systems and maximum levels of reliability.

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Boost Your Security Posture through Membership in an Industry Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC)

It’s a huge responsibility to try to ensure cyber security for an organization, regardless of its size. Few companies would say they have the full complement of resources they would like to have in order to properly protect themselves from cyber threats. Continue Reading →

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