SSDP Amplified Attacks, a Sitting Duck against Sophisticated DDoS Analytics

The craftiness of cyber attackers never ceases to amaze me and now a new kid on the block has emerged – the SSDP Reflective/Amplified DDoS attack.   Many people may wonder what SSDP is.  SSDP otherwise known as the Simple Service Discovery Protocol Continue Reading →

Looking for a job? Cyber Aces is hosting another National Cybersecurity Career Fair in November

Last spring I wrote about Cyber Aces hosting its first National Cybersecurity Career Fair (NCCF). (See National Cybersecurity Career Fair in June Will Connect Employers to Entry Level Cybersecurity Workers.)  

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Using sFlow for Security Analytics

sFlow (sampled flow) is a scalable protocol for statistical monitoring of a network.  When used for security monitoring, it can provide valuable insight for establishing baseline behavior and identifying deviations from the baseline.  Security administrators can be alerted when an anomaly is Continue Reading →

Software developers get SWAMP’ed, and that’s good for software security assurance

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The theme of this week’s awareness messaging is how to build secure software products, and we’ve got a great tip on how you can do that. If you look at the evolution of software, it Continue Reading →

Shellshock – Picking up the Pieces

4.1 million. That’s the number of news items, blogs, webpages, reports, and opinion articles related to the recently discovered ‘Shellshock’ (Bash) vulnerability that were matched via a quick Google search for ‘Shellshock bash bug’ this morning. There’s no denying that this vulnerability is Continue Reading →

49½ pounds of DDoS attack visibility

As Chief Security Evangelist for Corero Network Security my main charter is to travel the globe evangelizing the cyber-security problem with regards to DDoS attacks and cyber threats.  In doing so, I have the unique opportunity to highlight the Corero First Line of Defense solution Continue Reading →

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SANS Institute’s Webcast on Shellshock is Worth Watching

On September 25, Alan Paller, the Director of Research for the SANS Institute, sent out a FLASH report about the vulnerabilities involving Bash. This report has some very good information for security practitioners that is worth repeating here. The vulnerability, dubbed Shellshock, Continue Reading →

D’oh! Get Your Hammer and Your Payment Card Hacked at “the Homer Depot”

By now the news of the massive payment card data breach at the Home Depot is well known. The company has acknowledged the theft of an estimated 56 million debit and credit card numbers, making it the largest retail breach on record. Continue Reading →