The double-edged sword of operating a hosting data center  

The more customers you host in your data center, the better, right?  Of course, that means more revenue.  And if those customers are in multiple industry verticals, even better, correct?  Supporting a variety of customer types protects  against revenue fluctuations if rough Continue Reading →

The biggest threat to your SLAs – DDoS Attacks (Part II)

It’s obvious that latency and outages caused by DDoS attacks can severely impact uptime measurements.  A sustained outage caused by an attack could result in an organization losing or reducing its uptime certifications. The reality of the impact of DDoS to a Continue Reading →

The biggest threat to your SLAs – DDoS Attacks (Part I)

It is no secret that Hosting Providers live and die by the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and uptime guarantees they offer to their customers.  Organizations select providers, and remain loyal when SLA thresholds are continuously met.  Hosting Providers are fighting an up-hill Continue Reading →

Looking for a Cheap Service for DDoS Penetration Testing? How Does $2.99 Sound to You?

Lizard Squad, the hacking group that takes credit for attacking the Sony PlayStation Network and the Microsoft Xbox network back in December, now wants to be your commercial provider of a sort of “penetration testing” toolkit. CNN recently reported that anyone can Continue Reading →

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

From my time spent in the military back in the 1980’s I remember many of the lessons learned.  The title of this blog is one of them.  Without a plan, all of the hope in the world solves little, if anything and Continue Reading →

The Hacker Group Anonymous as Do-Gooder?

We are usually writing about the hacker group Anonymous in terms of the harmful attacks its members launch against business and government websites. But now the BBC is reporting that Anonymous is claiming credit for knocking a terrorist recruiting website offline. Anonymous Continue Reading →

The Web as Equalizer in Cyber Terrorism

When the World Wide Web rose to prominence two decades ago, it was called the great equalizer. By having a Web presence, a small company could look as impressive as a large company when it came to courting prospective customers and employees. Continue Reading →

DDoS attacks: Normally I don’t blame the victim, but in this case the blame is deserved

April 2011 – Sony Playstation Network, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), and the Sony Qriocity music service (now known as Music Unlimited) were all knocked offline by a large-scale DDoS attack. The group Anonymous claimed responsibility for this attack. Sony was so busy Continue Reading →

Interview with Corero CTO, Dave Larson – It’s Game On for DDoS

The Gaming Industry, given its high-volume, high-transactional environment, requires 24/7 accessibility. Any downtime or interruption has a significant financial and reputational impact. The Gaming Industry thrives on the Internet, which makes them especially sensitive to DDoS attacks not only by motivated attackers, Continue Reading →