DDoS Attack left “Sweden not Working”

The recent DDoS attacks impacting Swedish cable, Internet and mobile service provider, TeliaSonera is another grim reminder of the impact a DDoS attack can have not only on the business itself, but the 5 million subscribers that were left without service, and Continue Reading →

The Netherlands’ Trusted Networks Initiative is an alternative means to stop DDoS attacks

While visiting the Hague Security Delta in The Netherlands last week, I learned about an interesting initiative that’s being tested to provide trusted computing among select organizations. Known as the Trusted Networks Initiative, it is being touted as an alternative “last resort” Continue Reading →

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“It’s not you, it’s the Internet” – Time to break up with DDoS

Lizard Squad said it best in the recent Sony PlayStation DDoS attacks, rocking the online gaming industry, and leaving players denied from logging into the gaming community. Fact: DDoS attack tools are easy to come by, and cheap to execute, and the Continue Reading →

Change is inevitable – Time to re-write the playbook

Hopefully most of you in the industry have noticed that the approach to DDoS protection has changed dramatically over the last few years. What was once considered a good defensive posture is now proving to be sub-par protection against today’s sophisticated and Continue Reading →

Insights from the FBI on Fighting Cyber Crime

If your company experienced an IT security breach, would you contact law enforcement? According to an unofficial poll by the FBI and Trend Micro, about 60% of people said yes. I’d venture to guess that a portion of that 60% would only Continue Reading →

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