Industry Observations of DDoS Trends

Observing and analyzing DDoS attacks over a period of time helps us all understand trends so that we can better prepare for the future. Verisign has recently published its DDoS Trends Report for the last half of 2014, and there are some Continue Reading →

Don’t dig a well when your house is on fire

Relying on human intervention to mitigate DDoS attacks is like digging a well when your house is on fire.  When it comes to ensuring service availability and maintaining uptime and SLAs, hosting providers should use minimal (if any) manual intervention when defending Continue Reading →

Return on Investment vs. Return on Availability

In my discussions with organizations looking to protect their business from the wrath of DDoS attacks, I often hear the same question, “How do we obtain a Return on Investment (ROI) on a DDoS protection solution?”  Years ago I would attempt to Continue Reading →

More than half of U.S. businesses were targeted by a DDoS attack last year. Was yours among them?

How pervasive have DDoS attacks become? According to research from the global network services company BT Global Services, two out of every five organizations worldwide were targeted by DDoS attacks last year. That’s the global average. In the United States, more than half Continue Reading →

The double-edged sword of operating a hosting data center  

The more customers you host in your data center, the better, right?  Of course, that means more revenue.  And if those customers are in multiple industry verticals, even better, correct?  Supporting a variety of customer types protects  against revenue fluctuations if rough Continue Reading →

The biggest threat to your SLAs – DDoS Attacks (Part II)

It’s obvious that latency and outages caused by DDoS attacks can severely impact uptime measurements.  A sustained outage caused by an attack could result in an organization losing or reducing its uptime certifications. The reality of the impact of DDoS to a Continue Reading →

The biggest threat to your SLAs – DDoS Attacks (Part I)

It is no secret that Hosting Providers live and die by the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and uptime guarantees they offer to their customers.  Organizations select providers, and remain loyal when SLA thresholds are continuously met.  Hosting Providers are fighting an up-hill Continue Reading →

Looking for a Cheap Service for DDoS Penetration Testing? How Does $2.99 Sound to You?

Lizard Squad, the hacking group that takes credit for attacking the Sony PlayStation Network and the Microsoft Xbox network back in December, now wants to be your commercial provider of a sort of “penetration testing” toolkit. CNN recently reported that anyone can Continue Reading →